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Healthcare Research by wrds
The premier source of healthcare data and analytics for researchers
investigating the quality, transparency, efficacy, delivery, or cost of care.

Wharton Research Data ServicesWharton Research Data Services (WRDS) provides the leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform for global institutions dedicated to providing comprehensive thought leadership and analysis.

As the award-winning data research platform for over 50,000 commercial, academic, and government researchers in 30+ countries— WRDS is the global gold standard in data management and research, all backed by the credibility and leadership of the Wharton School.

WRDS Analytics and Tools

WRDS Analytics and Tools

WRDS offers a variety of powerful analytics tools to support you in your healthcare research. Get more out of your data with less effort.

Access to a Vast Selection of Data

Access to Healthcare Research

WRDS makes the world’s most reliable and referenced datasets easily available in a consistent format with access to 300 TB of data and 400+ databases from 50+ data providers

Customizable and Scalable Data Options

Customizable and Scalable Data Options

Access WRDS data through the web or use Python, Stata, Matlab, R, or SAS. WRDS Cloud enables you to dig deep into big data analytics.

Healthcare Data on WRDS

American Hospital Association - Healthcare Research
  • Details about US hospitals
  • Hospital financials through the HCRIS data
  • Details about US hospital IT / EMR usage
SKA - Healthcare Research
  • The Office-Based Physicians data file includes detailed information about providers in US doctor offices.
Levin Associates - Healthcare Research
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the US healthcare sector
ProPublica - Healthcare Research
ProPublica (coming soon)
  • Dollars for Docs tracks payments to doctors from pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
  • Prescriber Checkup tracks prescriptions by doctors from Medicare Part D.
AHRQ - Healthcare Research
  • MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) tracks insurance coverage and the use and cost of health services.
  • HCUP (Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project) covers procedures and diagnoses during hospital inpatient stays and emergency department visits.

Healthcare Company Data on WRDS

Many hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare-related companies are public, with a variety of information available:

  • Company financials & key measures
    (hospital admissions, number of beds, insurance enrollment & income from premiums…)
    S&P Compustat, Thomson Reuters Worldscope, Factset Fundamentals
  • Analyst Estimates of Earnings and Key Measures
    (drug sales, insurance premiums…)
    Thomson Reuters Ibes
  • News & Events
    (regulatory approvals, clinical trials…)
    Raven Pack
  • Stock Prices
    CRSP, S&P Compustat, Thomson Reuters Worldscope, Factset Fundamentals
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WRDS is the gold standard for a research and data platform and has been indispensable for my research. WRDS has been an important contributor to the development of empirical research in academic finance over the last decade. The professional and technical staff at WRDS are always a few steps ahead of the needs of finance academics.

Robin Greenwood,
George Gund Professor of Finance and Banking Harvard Business School, Harvard University